Furoshiki Technique of Gift Wrapping

Furoshiki is a Japanese practice of wrapping gifts with cloth. This practice is perfect for those who are bothered by the waste that typically goes into wrapping gifts.

The gifts we give say a great deal about us, but they also say a lot about our relationships with their recipients. As time goes on, the trinkets, heirlooms and useful daily items we present others with even begin to influence the interactions we share.

Great gift exchanges are truly invaluable, both because they leave us with emotions we cannot find anywhere else, and because they continue to appreciate over time. Unsurprisingly, the intent you put into gift-giving often lasts even longer than the gifts themselves. Offerings wrapped in furoshiki and other environmentally friendly alternatives let you pass on not only a well-considered present, but a useful item that keeps our world healthier.

Gift recipients get to use every part of what you give them when it’s been furoshiki wrapped. Whether you use a simple knot, a floral embellish or a fancy basket tying technique, these reusable Japanese wrapping cloths are perfect for those who consider themselves as generous as you are. Their gifts to their own friends will be much easier protected and far better-received when they come enclosed in the beautiful soft shell you originally gave them.

 FUROSHIKI- Japanese Traditional Wrapping Cloth (Kyoto-stripe: Red/Purple) FUROSHIKI- Japanese Traditional Wrapping Cloth (Kyoto-stripe: Blue/Olive green) FUROSHIKI- Japanese Traditional Wrapping Cloth (Kyoto-stripe: Black/Pink)

Even if your friends don’t decide to pass your kindnesses on using the wrapper they got from you, they can still use it for other things. Because of its long-established versatile characteristics, furoshiki cloth makes appearances in many fashion ensembles, where it keeps hair tied back or sets off outfits. The wide range of traditional designs these sleek textiles bear is a testament to their lasting popularity both inside and out of Japan.

In their native feudal Japanese environment, silk furoshiki were embellished with traditional woodblock art scenes, floral patterns and even noble family crests. Modern rayon, chirimen, cotton, nylon and other material variants can still be found holding everything from lunch boxes to department store gifts and the trend is spreading globally. Thanks to their ecosystem-friendly approach, traditional furoshiki wrapping techniques are becoming popular everywhere people use gifts to show their appreciation and respect for others.

Wrapping paper is a one-time-use sort of thing, and after it gets ripped open, it’s of little use to anyone. Furoshiki cloth usually boasts a durable weave, color dyeing techniques that won’t fade and minimal laundering needs. Because your gifts need no longer generate any waste byproducts, the experience of receiving them will remain free of the unpleasant task of post-opening cleanup.

Even if you aren’t too keen on keeping the environment clean, you can still get a lot out of trying furoshiki wrapping. Your gift giving will become much more fun when people are astounded at the artistic talent you used in its lovely presentation, and knowing they’re happier will also grant you a little extra peace of mind.

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